بِسْــــــــــــــمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيْـــــمِ

The Prophet’s Mosque

It was first built in the year 622 A.D.  The mosque is the second largest mosque in the world and it is considered as the second holiest site is Islam after Masjid al Haram.

It was first built in the year 622 A.D.  The mosque is the second largest mosque in the world and it is considered as the second holiest site is Islam after Masjid al Haram.

Masjid Quba

It  is the first mosque in the history of Islam and
it is situated about three kilometers away from Al Masjid Nabawi.

Masjid Jummah

It is located short of Medina.

Ruins of Masjid Zarrar

It was destroyed to save Muslims from the harm of non-Muslims.
The Mosque’s ruins are still present

Masjid Miqat (Bir-Zulhalifa, Abyar-e-Ali)

This mosque is situated 12 kilometers away from Madina and it is declared as Meeqat for pilgrims
Here a well is present which is called Ali’s Well and the place is also called as Abyar-e-Ali.
All buses / vehicles going to Makkah stop here and pilgrims change into Ihrams here.

Masjid Ghamama

It  is situated at a walking distance from Al Masjid Nabawi, and here Allah’s apostle (peace and blesings of Allah be upon him) prayed for rain. It is also called Masjid al-Eid for the Prophet (peace and blesings of Allah be upon him) and companions used to offer the Eid prayers here.

Masjid Abu Bakar

It is located only 40 yards away from Masjid Ghamama, southwest of Al Masjid Nabawi.

Masjid Ali

Ali’s mosque is located close to Al Masjid Nabawi

Masjid Umar

It is situated near Masjid Ghamama

Masjid Bilal

It  is situated close the date market

Uhad Mountain and Graves of Martyrs

|Uhad Mountain is the battlefield of  the Islamic second battle.
At Uhad lie the graves of the martyrs of the Battle and Sayed-us-Shuda Hazarat Hamza
( The Uncle of the Prophet )

Masjid Qiblatain

It is the mosque where Muhammad (peace and bessings of Allah be upon him)
was told to change the prayer direction (kibla)

Maqom Baqi

Deet Plantation


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